“I don’t feel bad for robbers who get shot.”
“More of them need to just get killed so tax payers don’t have to pay for them while they’re in a prison hospital.”
“Why can’t poor people just get a LIFE? WHY CAN’T THEY JUST GET A JOB!!!?” he said sarcastically.
“Because its laziness. There’s a difference between poverty and laziness and unfortunately most ‘poor’ people are just lazy as fuck and would rather live off government assistance. The feds are ok with it because it continues to feed the prison industrial complex. That’s why.”
“I completely disagree with you on the laziness part.”
“Really? Why? It’s not hard to get a job at McDonalds or something. It’s because people don’t want to work. They’d rather live off taxes from my paycheck. I have no sympathy for ghetto turds or junkies who use crutches as an excuse to live like scumbags. But that’s just me i suppose.”
“I think it’s a little more complicated than that. In some cases, sure, some people are just lazy or else love to take advantage of services and earnings of other people. But that’s not always the case.”
“Yo, Dan, you can work at McDonald’s and still be poor. Try living on minimum wage…”

“I don’t feel b…